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All levels of Cappex Admissions Advising include the full suite of services listed below. After the creation of your custom roadmap, you will start to work hand in hand with your advisor to master each of these core admissions tasks and execute them with maximum success in a timely fashion.

College List Building

The college list sets the framework for your entire admissions journey. Getting an inbox full of acceptance letters means nothing if they aren't the right schools. A college list should be carefully constructed with schools that fit your preferences, strategically reaching for excellence, but with the comfort of many other great options well within your reach.

You and your advisor will assess three core dimensions to construct your college list: academic fit, financial fit, and social/cultural fit.

Academic Fit

Grades and test scores aren’t everything, but they do set a baseline for college admissions. Your advisor will make sure you strive for admittance to colleges that are seemingly beyond your academic reach, working with you to enhance other areas of your application to maximize your acceptance chances. Your list will also consist of colleges where you are likely to thrive - with some that fit your academic resume and others where you are very likely to be admitted.

Financial Fit

Every family’s situation is different and every student has unique financial aid opportunities. Your advisor will consider your financial needs and preferences early in the college list process, making sure you have options that fit your budget.

Social & Cultural Fit

Colleges is more than a degree pursuit, it’s an experience. Your first years of true independence may shape the rest of your life. The people you meet, the network you create, the class structures you participate in, the clubs you join, will be etched in your path toward a successful career and a happy life. Your advisor will get to know you and help you figure out your college preferences, wishes, and dislikes to recommend schools that would fit your personality and bring out the best in you. 

During your free 30-minute consultation, we will explain in detail the aspects of the college list development and how it will influence your admissions roadmap.

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Personal Statement Writing

Your personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application. It’s the one element you can freely create from scratch to show colleges who you really are. A well-crafted statement can truly set your application apart and get you admitted to your dream college. Unfortunately, the personal statement is typically one of the hardest tasks to get right.

With our methodical approach to the personal statement and expert guidance, you will create an essay that hits all the notes of a unique, interesting, and authentic statement – making you a much more attractive applicant to competitive schools.

Topic Selection

Figuring out what you are going to write about is half the battle, but your chosen topic can make or break your personal statement. Your advisor will help you come up with a unique topic and compelling perspective - based on your many interests and life experiences - that creates an authentic platform on which to write your statement. We know what each college looks for in a topic and just as importantly, what they don’t like to see.

Writing The Essay

After your topic is selected, it’s time to bring your story to life. First, we will help set the foundation for a statement that looks more like a custom piece and less like an English class essay. We will give you insider tips, compelling strategies, do’s and don’ts that will make writing a compelling personal statement clear and achievable.

Then our team of advisors will carefully review your essay and provide you with detailed feedback on how to better tell your story, identifying any missing elements and structural improvements. In the end, you will finally be able to add your personal statement to your application with full confidence and an increased chance of admittance.

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Application Review

It all comes down to the application. Your grades, scores, extracurriculars, essays, and personal information all converge on one document that serves as your final representation of yourself to colleges. To be effective and stand out, your app needs to be a cohesive narrative that explains who you are and what led you to apply to each college specifically. On top of the challenge of submitting a great application, each college has multiple deadlines, their own supplemental essays, and various submittal criteria. It can be overwhelming, but we will help you complete your apps with quality and efficiency.

Stay On Track

The application process has a lot of moving parts: various deadlines, transcripts, letters of recommendation, early action,early decision, writing supplements. There’s a lot to manage even with just one application during your busy life...not to mention several of them.

Your advisor will work with you to devise an ideal application strategy and a well-organized, documented plan, ensuring your tasks are completed and your apps are submitted on time with the highest possible quality.

Supplemental Essay

The school-specific essays are as important to the application as any other element. It’s your chance to show that out of the thousands of schools to pick from, you chose them. A well-crafted essay will impress decision makers and can greatly improve your acceptance chances.

Your advisor will help you strategize your approach to supplemental essays, providing a review and proofread, and give you detailed feedback on how to improve the finished essay.

Final Review

Without a well-executed application plan, hitting “Submit” can be stressful. With a solid plan, it can be a relief. Your advisor will be by your side through every step of the application process, so you feel prepared and ready for the final submittal.

Our team of advisors will perform a final comprehensive review, so you can be confident that you are submitting the perfect application.

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Finance & Offer Guidance

College can be one of the biggest financial burdens on students and their families - during the next 4 years and many years after graduation. Uncertainty about what you’re actually paying can lead to less-than-informed decisions and financial surprises.

We make sure you have a solid baseline understanding of college finances, from completing the FAFSA, to demystifying various types of aid, to knowing your loan options.

Decode & Compare

Receiving acceptance and offer letters is one of the most exciting times for a student and their families. In a perfect world, all colleges would cost the same and you could just pick your favorite. Of course, that’s not the case, and the vast majority of families have to consider the true cost of attendance when making their final decision. To complicate the financial element, college offer letters are not the most intuitive and can often leave you with more questions than answers.

Your advisor will help you understand the actual cost of college and what to expect in terms of aid, payments, and loans. We will break down your offer letters into a simple side-by-side comparison showing the net costs of each of your options - so you can make the best “academic meets economic” choice.

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Since 2006, Cappex has been the leader in getting students to day one at the college that’s right for them. We have helped more than 12 million students attend the college of their dreams and have worked directly with more than 1,000 college admissions offices. We have compiled the knowledge and data to truly streamline the admissions process and give students the best chance of being admitted to their top colleges.

With Cappex Admissions Advising, you don’t just get one advisor, but a whole team of experts, premium support staff, and data analysts all working to make your college dream come true.
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