Class of 2020 Results

Results that speak for themselves
Most highly selective colleges get enough qualified applicants to fill an incoming class many times over. That’s why we work so hard to make our students stand out.
Students come to us with many different dreams. Some want to crack the most prestigious colleges. Some hope to maximize merit aid. Others are simply shooting for the top of their potential range.
Here is a selection of 50 different outcomes for our class of 2020:



Strong academic profile, but he leveraged a great personal statement and the ED round to gain admission to his first choice.


A high-flyer with everything required for admission to top schools. But execution was key leading to multiple ivy choices in RD round.


Despite modest GPA and not much course rigor she gained acceptance to many colleges on narrative strength; chose to stay in state.


Strong student looking to stay close to home for family reasons and financial need, both of which she accomplished.


Building a story around unique extracurriculars helped overcome lower than average academic stats at his target schools.


Big bet on an early decision choice that paid off, great narrative trumped modest course rigor.


Excellent grades with good testing led to multiple choices far from home; but hard to beat the cost and prestige of his in-state option.


Solid test scores and GPA but it was strong essays that led to multiple top-tier acceptances


Solid academics but strong narrative led to multiple acceptances; chose BC over more prestigious schools based on fit.


Typical "strong kid" with good grades and scores. Essays really made him stand out, forcing tough choice among top schools.


Extremely strong academics and varied impressive extracurriculars, but initially no unified context. Focus on story led to many top choices.


Secured many acceptances with some very appealing scholarship packages that led her to an unexpected choice.


Staying close to home was top priority for this student and he had many solid choices..


Less than perfect stats but an incredible personal narrative and essays gained her access to all the best. Williams beat out Amherst & Tufts.


Seeking a highly specialized area of study, she was intent on a top liberal arts school, gaining admission to many.


A talented musician with modest grades and scores. Ended up with a few great choices for pursuing music.


Nearly perfect academics but below average extracurriculars required a careful positioning. Many near full-ride options.


Focused exclusively on in-state options, he ran the table with an all-around good story that attracted great merit aid.


Average grades and scores but strong narrative led to a high amount of merit aid from a number of competitive colleges.


Very worldly student re-framed great experiences leading to lots of options; FL a clear winner for its great package.


Strong student with high testing and grades but had to reframe extracurriculars. Many choices despite a tough major.


Strong course curriculum and extracurriculars led to many choices - it came down to Boston University vs. NYU.


Solid test scores and grades but narrative positioning of extracurriculars was key given their underlying quality.


High test scores made up for average grades but did a great job standing out with supplemental essays. Lots of good choices.


Mutliple full-ride options for this high flyer who chose prestige with great financial aid.


Average academic profile but strong acceptance rate via heartfelt essays; ultimately took advantage of great aid in-state.


Intent on getting in to CMC she applied ED with average academic profile, levered sports without being a formally recruited athlete.


Strong academics but with less rigor, he crafted a strong narrative and personal statement that led to many top options.


Strong grades and testing led to multiple top-tier choices, including UCLA, USC and Michigan. But NYU won out.


Top academics across the board but needed to pull many elements together into a cohesive positioning, multiple choices in the HYPSM set.


Used her strong academics to take advantage of her home state's full-ride scholarship to an in-state school.


Strong interest in robotics led to a highly focused list; resulted in many acceptances and the opportunity for great financial aid.


Great course rigor but lower grades proved challenging but ultimately multiple choices at schools with higher academic stats.


Non-traditional high flyer that leveraged her unique interests into a great narrative, gaining admission nearly everywhere. UC beat out Brown.


Many selective out-of-state choices but chose to stay close to home with a great financial aid package.


Top choice college achieved despite academics on the lower end. Great essays helped her stand out at multiple schools.


Torn between the big school experience and a small liberal arts school she eventually turned down U. Michigan for Carleton.


He used fit as the primary criteria applying to schools across the prestige spectrum, gaining acceptance to most.


A top student with an enviable list of options based on an outstanding personal statement. Fell in love with UC, choosing over Dartmouth.


Talented vocalist with lower academics ended up with a variety of choices, opting to stay close to home.


Exceptionally high-flying student at top high school and leveraged a unique narrative story. Columbia won out over Brown, Cornell & Hopkins.


Unique extracurriculars but below the median academics at many schools she applied to; great success and many choices.


Near perfect GPA and top scores, she focused on fit above all, foregoing more prestigious schools for where she felt best.


His desire for a highly specific area of study and a full ride led to a few great choices despite modest academics. Great outcome.


Grades and scores below the median where she applied but her personal statement was great. UGA beat out Emory in a close call.


Laser-focused on ultimately going to med school, she had many choices with generous aid, turning down prestige for value.


Top tier research and extracurriculars led to a good narrative giving him many financially appealing choices.


Gained admission for Computer Science to his original top choice, U. Michigan, but couldn't turn down the deal from Alabama.


Many great choices despite modest testing - strength of application and essays made up for testing.


High class rank and desire to stay in-state led her to run the table at UC schools. But Berkeley was always her first choice.

* names have been changed to protect the privacy of our students
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