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College admissions offices review applications as a team.  We build them that way. 
When you work with Cappex Admissions Advising, you’ll be paired with a dedicated admissions advisor - the person who is going to help guide you through each step of the process, answer all of your questions and ensure your application is exactly right before it gets submitted. Each advisor we hire is highly experienced and has helped hundreds of students on their path to college.
But there’s more to it than that.
Each of our advisors work constantly with a behind-the-scenes team of specialists that weighs in on student cases all season long. From essay writers to dedicated college list builders to data analysts who are analyzing admissions trend data, our collective experience touches every facet of your admissions process.  
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To form our admissions teams, we select advisors already rich in admissions experience - then train them in our holistic, narrative approach.  We teach them to transform every application into the most persuasive version of itself.  
Our advisors have collectively helped thousands of students be accepted to colleges of their choice nationwide.  But despite long histories of successful applications, we don’t rest on old laurels.  We’re constantly analyzing the admissions landscape and training our advisors for what will matter next.   
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In a highly competitive admissions environment, applications that make a personal impression stand out.
 Our advisors have been trained to discover the most compelling details of your student’s academic career and non-academic life, then shape them into the most appealing narrative about who a student is and what they hope to become.
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What is an area of the college admissions process that people think is easy, but really isn’t? Is there some conventional wisdom that everyone has wrong?
One area that kids get wrong a lot is who they ask to write their letters of recommendation. Many students choose teachers who they believe like them, or who work with them on after school activities. What most colleges want to assess, however, is what you will be like in the classroom. Colleges want insight into your motivation, abilities, attitudes, self-discipline, determination, creativity and mastery of the subject matter.
Teacher recommendations should be almost 100% about academics, (let the counselor rec. tell them about everything else). I spend a lot of time making sure that the students choose teachers that can speak to their academic strengths and love of learning.
Mary O.
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College admissions is an intense process.  At various times along the way, our advisors are likely to serve as subject matter experts, project managers, coaches and confidantes. Here are some less obvious ways our advising teams make the process easier:
We ease the time crunch by prioritizing and organizing the details of your application, no matter where you are in the process when you come to us. 
We create and track both short - and long-term schedules to keep the application process moving steadily forward.  
We are in continuous communication and work flexibly with parents and students to keep everybody informed and on track.  
In the end, each student has earned his or her accomplishments.  The most important thing we do for you involves discovering the details that matter, and assembling those into an overarching narrative that reveals why colleges should want your student on their campus. 
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Working with Cappex Admissions Advising is easy. We have advising packages to meet every need, whether you are applying to one college or twenty. Just need essay help? We’ve got that too. Start by scheduling a consultation so we can hear about your goals and tell you how we might be able to help.
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